Hints & Tips

Hints and Tips




Choosing the right foundation can be the hardest thing for any person.   It is important to try and get the closest match to your skin.   You can move up a shade in the summer if you have a bit more tan.   Try at least 3 different colours on your jaw line similar in shade.




Concealer can be used for blemishes, any redness or to disguise dark shadows under the eyes.   Under eye concealers are the trickiest.   Try and choose a texture which has an illuminating effect that will reflect under the eye.   It is best to choose a concealer slightly darker to conceal dark circles as lighter ones brings shadows forward.   A lot of people make this mistake.




Powder is not for everyone but it is excellent for oilier skins or anyone who may need to set there makeup so that does not disappear throughout the day.   Choose a translucent colour and gently pat down the nose, forehead and chin.   Apply the powder to the brush and tap off any excess so that it goes on naturally.   Do not apply too much as you do not want to give your skin a powdery finish.




Bronzes are available in flat or shimmer colours but you can also get two tone and gel formulations.   All are good but the powder ones are much easier to apply.  Try a matte for the day and a shimmer for night.   Apply bronzes in the areas that would catch the sun naturally on the face.   You want your bronzer to lift and warm not make you look orange.   The best technique is to start across the fore head and work your way around the eyes onto the check bone and then around the chin.   Think of a backwards ‘3’ and that will high light the correct areas.


Smokey eye application


Smokey eyes are my favourite look for evenings.   Try this one – it is really simple and works well on all eye shapes.   Experiment with colours such as browns, bronze and golds or grey/blue and blacks.  All look good on any coloured eyes.  


  1. Start with an eye base to even out any uneven skin tone or redness on the eye.   Benefit lemonade or Estee Lauders double wear eye base are both good choices.
  2. Choose a medium smokey colour, let’s say brown for example.   Sweep three quarters along the socket line and likely blend until it looks soft.   Continue to apply this colour until you get the colour you want by building it up slowly and blending.   Continue from the edge of your lash line and darken into the corner.  Think of a ‘V’ shape on its side.
  3. You can then line the inside of the eyes with a black kolh pencil. Smudge the liner underneath with a rounded smudger brush and then line the top of the eye near the lash line and blend again.   Try to keep as close as you can to the lashes.   This will give you greater definition around the eye area.
  4. Take a darker colour if you prefer and smudge over the liner.   This gives a greater staying power.
  5. If you are applying only mascara, prime the eyes with a primer before hand and then go for a real magnifying mascara.   Apply as much as you want.  If your mascara begins to clog you have too much product on your brush.   Stroke through the lashes with a clean mascara wand to separate the lashes.
  6. Finally, do not forget brows.   Pick a colour slightly darker than your dark colour, and with gently strokes with an angle brow brush, brush through the natural shape.   Avoid any harsh lines.   Brush a clean sweep in the direction of the hair growth for the most natural look.   And, voila you are ready to go.

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